​Candy knows...

​Our Host Beulah starts the show.

Claire tells it like it is. With some help from her friend, scotch.​

FULL SHOW: The View From The Dumpster


Suzanne Sole's one woman show, "The View from the Dumpster" is a one woman musical comedy that interweaves the lives of the many characters who live and work in one small, concentrated spot in the city. Repurposing songs from some of her favorite shows, these clips give you a taste of "The View from the Dumpster" and how she gave musical favorites a new storyline to bring her many memorable and colorful characters to life. Here's a couple a two three scenes.

Miksu, the Japanese bird, shares her sorrows.

​A One Woman Show


Beulah does a little pandering. 

Jeanette doesn't care anymore.​