Web Series: 

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​Created by Ben Boodman & Suzanne Sole, The Hirsches Care About the Earth is a web series revolving around the well-meaning loving couple, Judy & Ira Hirsch, who go out of their way to care about the earth on a daily basis. 


Enjoy the theme song, "The World is a Better Place When We Care About the Earth" (lovingly and pain stakingly written by Suzanne Sole)

Created by friends and colleagues, Patrick Ziegler & Teresa Thome, with creative consulting and original song by Suzanne Sole, Backstage Drama, tells the story of a community theatre in small town, Grand River,  Michigan, whose members find themselves thrust into a world of crime families, witness protection and a lot of questions. But the show must go on...

Original Works


Charlene and Buzz discuss their views on death.

In Backstage Drama as Gloria Tussell demonstrating her own unique audition style. Improvised by Suzanne.

Original character Charlene Johnston discusses her home life with husband Buzz for web series Stinkville Adjacent.

Created with a group of friends Sole studied with at Second City LA, who became an ensemble and did a Green House show after graduation at Second City as, "Free, For a Price", Stinkville Adjacent  is a story about a town, that is so sad, it's not even Stinkville - the town across the river known for it's factory stink and progress. They strive to be as good as Stinkville, but sadly, they can only claim themselves as the lesser and adjacent town.  It is the story of the people who live there and the trials they go through being second best to terrible. Although the group did not complete the web series project, many incredibly fun times were had on set, and many funny scenes were shot and completed. And here are some of them.  

All dialogue is improvised. 

Snippets from Backstage Drama web series



Madame Belushka is the town ballet teacher with one special student. Madame Belushka  knows ballet. 

As Gloria Tussell in the webseries Backstage Drama, performing "Front Row, Baby" a song Sole wrote for the series.