​Suzanne Sole's debut album, “Shine”, spotlights Sole's unique vocal and writing style. Helmed by her warm and soulful voice, this funk and jazz inspired pop/rock album is laced with lyrical insight and luscious grooves. Songs like “Never Neverland” reflect the journey of those who are propelled to find their dreams in Hollywood. In “Shine Your Light”, Sole embraces how some pass briefly through our lives, leaving us the gift of wisdom. “Free My Soul", the first song Sole wrote for the album, expresses the discovery that the freedom we all seek is already within each of us, and literally freed her to write the music that is “Shine”. Sole describes the album as “…beginning her journey of self-discovery.”  

Produced by: Suzanne Sole and Marcello Cosenza
Engineered by: Mike Dumas @ Mad Dog Studios, Burbank, CA
Mastered by: Eddy Shreyer @ Oasis Mastering, Studio City, CA
Cover Design: Walter Tabayoyong

The Musicians:
Guitar: Marcello Cosenza
Keyboards: Alex Allesendroni
Organ: Dick Simms
Bass: Leslie King
Drums: Anastasios "Tos" Panos
Percussion: Sergio Pastora
Background Vocals: Nicky Davis Miller, Alaine Kashian, Lashaun Brown, Darlene Day, and Sharon Hall

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